Welcome to Thirdstone Studio...A little bit about me...I am Yarg Hardison and have been behind the camera since well..last century. Started out in film and still think a print coming to life in the darkroom as a magical moment. Digital has rewards as well with all it's amazing abilities.
We, I say We as a great deal of the portrait work is taking all the parties ideas involved and making the image. It's the final product that counts not how we got there or whose idea was what.
Why Thirdstone Studio and not just my name as the "brand"...well we're on the "Thirdstone from the Sun" as Jimi Hendrix said....so the whole planet is my studio so to speak.
My work is evolving from weddings,portraits etc. to mainly commercial work for the beauty industry and I work with AVEDA Salon's and Spa's for the most part.
Going to always challenge myself to do better work ever time I shoot, I am self-taught and always learning and striving for better.
Have a project in mind? Give me a call or send me an email...we"ll work it out...
"We don't have much control over much in our lives but we can choose each day to be happy or sad...I do my best to choose happy...." Yarg